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Nick August 3, 2022

1. google my business 

Is anyone surprised Google My Business (GMB) is at the top of the list? We’re not! As one of the largest and most visible listing platforms Google My Business is our first choice when it comes to getting seen and sharing in-depth information. Here are a few reasons why: 

  • GMB connects with customers on both Google Search and Google Maps giving you double the visibility 
  • GMB allows you to quickly show what your business is to local consumers 
  • GMB drives traffic to your website, location and social channels 

Google My Business gives your customers a wide view of your business, showing hours, location, reviews and more, giving your customers the information they need. As “74% of consumers visit a store based on information they have found online” an optimized GMB page can be a huge push for customers. By using this free informational advertising platform to show your business to consumers you can greatly increase your sales. Get your Google My Business page started today.

2. bing places 

After Google, Bing is the most often used search engine in the United States, with 2.55% of the market share. This is due to Bing being the default search engine on Windows Devices. Usually, those who aren’t the most tech-savvy end up keeping Bing as the default browser on these devices and discovering they like it.

Another reason to look into Bing Places is the demographics of users who tend to use Bing. Bing users tend to be over 35 and are more likely to be 55 to 64. These users also have an annual combined household income of over $100,000. By using Bing places you can have a more targeted platform for these specific demographics. 

3. facebook

With an estimated 2.89 billion users Facebook is one of the top platforms to advertise your business for free. This amount of users makes Facebook a great place to begin your social strategy for your business in addition to giving your customers a visible place to show different aspects of your business. Similar to GMB you can show hours, locations, and services, however Facebook also gives you a greater ability to interact with your customers. Having a listing on Facebook and interacting with customers here can increase your customer acquisition and retention, since studies have shown 26% of people between 18 to 34 prefer to contact a company through social media.

4. yelp

Continuing our emphasis on customer experience and retention, we have included Yelp in our number 4 slot. Yelp is a popular customer-review website. An average of 142 million users visit Yelp each month giving a great amount of visibility to your business. Yelp is also particularly beneficial to local businesses. A study found that 92% of consumers make a local purchase after visiting Yelp. Yelp is the new “word-of-mouth” system in our digital age and we’re here for this ever-evolving way of marketing. 

5. apple maps 

With hundreds of millions of users in over 200 countries, we can’t see a reason not to have your business listed on Apple Maps. Apple Maps offers users the ability to explore whatever city they’re in, giving them several options during a search, one of which could be your business.  Apple Maps also showsYelp reviews on its business listings, showing all those nice reviews you’ve been getting.

6. foursquare 

You may remember Foursquare as a social networking app to share locations with friends. In recent years, it has shifted to being a location-data powerhouse. Foursquare aggregates business location data and provides it to other businesses and applications, including Uber, AirBNB, and Apple Maps. Get your data right at the source, so it’ll be accurate in apps around the Internet

7. dun & bradstreet 

Dun & Bradstreet is a company that provides commercial data for businesses. While you may not be looking for b2b customers, D&B is a core data provider to several other consumer business directories. When you create a free listing on this site, you’re creating accurate data at the source, ensuring propagation of good data about your business elsewhere on the web.  

8. yellowpages

Yellowpages.com which has now been rebranded as YP.com comes in at our number 9 slot. This is the new and improved version of the giant phonebook your parents used. Under pressure from the likes of Google and Yelp, Yellowpages has a fresh look and more social content and features. They also distribute listings to a number of syndication partners. The site itself currently gets 29 million visits per month.

9. linkedin

LinkedIn isn’t exactly a place where people go to look for businesses, but it does offer rich business listing functionality, and the domain carries quite a bit of authority. LinkedIn is one of the biggest platforms for decision makers within a company like executives and CEO, so a listing here is valuable for business-to-business exposure. Add a company to LinkedIn

10. find your vertical directory 

In this digital age, we live in a world with a wealth of information and specialization. That is why it is important to find a directory that is specific to your business. Run a search in Google for your business category (“ice cream shop” or “event planner”) and look for websites which help people find the right business. For lawyers, you’ll find the site Avvo, for doctors there’s Healthgrades. Many verticals have their own business directory websites that get lots of traffic and can bring you tremendous visibility with your target market. 

a couple of pointers when creating/updating listings

  • Be accurate and consistent. If you have a registered business name, use that as your business name in all cases. Use the same spacing, capitalization, and punctuation. Some sites will verify your information with public business registration data, and consistency will help directories know they’re all talking about the same business, and that consistency helps your search ranking.
  • Fill out everything you can. More information helps you get found and makes your listing more useful to searchers – remember, your goal is not just to have your listings show up, you want people to visit your business.
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